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Teri Yaad Guitar Chords | Jal Band | Farhan Saeed

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Teri Yaad Guitar Chords

“Teri Yaad Guitar Chords” www.songlessons.in

Album: Aadat
Singer: Jal the Band
Composer: Jal the Band

Chords: (Em) (D) (C)
Strumming: DUUD-UU-DUDU

Teri (Em)yaad
Aae jab (D)mujhko
Mai lauta (C)aunga

Wo bheegi (Em)raat aur baarish (D)boonden
Mai bheeg ja(C)unga

Simat na s(D)ake
Jo mit na sa(D)ke

In fas(Em)lo ko
Simatna (D)hai
In ras(C)ton pe
Chalna haii(D)iaii

Ye dil ki (Em)bat
koi jane na (D)jane
Mai kah ja(C)unga (D)

Wo tere (Em)sath
Gujare (D)lamhe
Na bhul pa(C)unga

Jo sap(Em)ne
Sajae mil(D)ke..
Khushi ke (C)pal…
Bitae mil(D)ke

Kya paya main(Em)e
Kyaa kho(D)yaa
Kab jaaga (C)hu mai
Kab sooo(D)yaaaaaaa

Teri har (Em)baat rulaaye jab mujh(D)ko
Mai kho ja(C)unga(D)

Wo teri (Em)chaah
Satae jab mujh(D)ko
Mai dol ja(C)unga

Jal the band is a Pakistani Pop Rock band one of the finest band of Pakistan. Many of the songs of Jal Band is favorite of youth like Aadat, Wo Lamhe, Sajni etc. In initial days Gohar mumtaz, Atif aslam and Shazi were part of Jal after some time because of some clashes Atif left the Jal. Jal the band and Atif worked togather in Wo lamhe and Aadat.

Gohar mumtaz is the writer, composer, guitarist and vocalist of Jal band but that time he was not much interested in vocal. So, Jal met with Farhan Saeed and now Farhan was also a part of Jal the band.

Jal worked all over the world and done many shows successfully. in 2011, Farhan Saeed also left the band to pursue a solo career, with Goher Mumtaz taking over as the lead vocalist of the band. In 2013 Jal came out with his 3rd album “Pyaas” after that album Shazi also left the Jal.

But Jal is still one of the best Band of Pakistan.

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